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version 1.8 released 03/03/2003:

-Can change the name of the field when converted to SQL.

-Data extraction made by threads.

-Documentation (sort of...).

-Revamped editor.

-Can view the output.

-New grids.

-ini file to 'remember' paths and files.

-Major UI alterations.


When I start to migrate my MS Access tables to Interbase, I had to write the code to every field, something like:


it was tedious process, so I search for a tool that can do the job, but I didn't find it!

And betewen convert by hand a 10 table database with almost 300 field or write a program that will do the job, I preferred to do the last, and that is why this program was made.

Afterwords I realise that the MS Access 2000, with is ability to easy create, alter tables and put data on it, is good tool to make prototypes of complex databases that with this program can be converted to a SQL equivelent.



Jorge Espiridião


GNU General Public License (GPL)


The program is only an exe file so it can be placed anyhere.

It doesn't write to the regestry.


Open a *.mdb file, using the drop menu or the first icon in the left.

Then it list all the tables in the database file.

To seen the structure of the table press the second button, to generat the structure in SQL press the third button, to read the data in the table convert it to SQL press the fourth button.

The fifth button copy the content of the editor to the clipboard, in order it can be pasted too a text editor or to the database console.

The main form is made by too panels we can see the editor by draging up the separator line.

The output menu is where we set the SQL dialect that we whated to be made.


To Do list

Add support for MySQL. (done)

Add support for PostgresQL.(working)

Write the file from the editor to the disk.

Add options, in order that in the conversions process we can define the default,null etc. values.

Create code to automatic delete the table if it already exists.

Admin. a MySQL table.





-sinceInterbase doesn't suport logic fields (yes/no), every logic field is converted to: smallint default 0 not null, and the TRUE value is 1 and FALSE is 0.

-Interbasealso doesn't suport autonumber, so all fields of that type are converted to: integer not null.       



I didn't test in a MySQL server, the was done in teory only, so if some can test it for me we all apreciated. FULL TESTED

The floating point data is converted, but I thing that MySQL only suports six digits after the point. I will tested.



-Minor UI alterations.
-Save the scrip to disk.
-Add comments in the begining of the script.
-Solve the INDEX bug in MySQL.
-Solve the INSERT TO bug in MySQL.
-Solve the 'copy to clipboard' bug.


 -Removed some "developing" features when generates data to MySQL.
 -The output is displayed in a separete form, rather than in the main form.
 -Removed some minor bugs.


 - Final, MySQL added, #2002-03-24#.


 - First release, Interbase only date #2002-03-18#.


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